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I haven’t even remotely put up all of the downloads I intend to list on the site. I did decide to go ahead and make available what I have done so far. These are from my website which I’m trying to integrate to this site. I will continue to add more downloads as time goes on.

Adding new Controls at Runtime5.8 KiB933Shows how to dynamically add controls while your program is already running.
Alpha Blending Shapes and Images Together6.5 KiB934An example project that shows how to AlphaBlend two shapes with two Images using the DotNet Framework and GDI+.
Animating Form/Application with Special Effects8.7 KiB2321This shows how to do some basic animations and effects using the Windows API call - AnimateWindow. There are different animation directions, and/or special effects like Blending, Rolling, or Sliding. You can also specify how fast/slow the animation will take place.
API Window Spy Project12.6 KiB720This is the source code to the cs VB.Net Window Spy I made. Some of the features are: Get Active Window Info. Parent Window Info, List of Children, Siblings, and more.
Audio/Video DX9 Playback with the Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback Namespace6.1 KiB1878This example shows you how to use the managed DirectX 9.0 audio/video objects. It will play at least - avi, mp3, mpeg, wav,mp4 files. You should probably check out the SlimDX library since Microsoft has made these Managed DX objects obsolete if your planning to distribute new applications.
Basic Multi-Threading Sample5.7 KiB1756A basic example to show how easy it is to create and use basic threads in .NET. It used the System.Threading namespace. There are better threading practices than this shows. It was only made to show the minimum and not the best threading style
Bass Version 1.8 Example164.0 KiB726This includes 3 different projects. One is stream playback like mp3, wav, etc.. Another is graphical fft visualizations and then a how to play samples, streams, audio cd's, etc. You should go the website for the latest Bass.dll version and use the .NET wrapper called Bass.NET since this 1.8 version download is very old.
Bouncing a Ball off a Wall Pong-like6.5 KiB806An example of how to bounce a ball off of a wall back and forth in different directions. Uses GDI+ graphics and renders in a thread. Could be the start of a Pong-like game.
Change the Form's Visual Shape or Region5.6 KiB766A project which shows you how to create Custom Regions that you can shape your application forms. This example changes the forms shape to that of a text message.
Change, Set, and Manipulate All Controls on the Form 7.2 KiB1776A simple project of how to automatically change or set properties to manipulate controls without having to write code specifically for each one. Specifically shows how to clear all textbox controls on the form except those that's are specified in the source code to skip over or bypass. As well as checkmark all the checkbox controls on the form.
Changing the Desktop's Background or Wallpaper6.3 KiB805An example of how to change the desktops background picture/wallpaper from your application. It uses the SystemParametersInfo windows api to do this.
Check or Ping a Destination URL, IP, or UNC Address8.1 KiB746This is a very simple example of how to test or ping an ip, url, or UNC (Universal Naming Convention) name using the "IsDestinationReachable" Windows API call. It can return whether it reached the destination successfully, network type available, and the to/from speed when checking the web destination. VB 05, 2008, VB 2010 and higher already has a nice Ping class for checking web destinations so I would use that class if using those versions. Unless you want other info like the To/From link speed or something.
Chr Code Conveter - .NET Example6.2 KiB678This example is similar to the vb 5 and vb 6.0 version. I tweaked the code alittle in the .net version. This will convert regular character text to Chr (Character) based code. Example, the quote character " would be converted to Chr(34).
Clipboard Basic Example5.4 KiB626Simply shows how to use the built-in .Net clipboard object. It does the copy and paste methods.
Combobox/Listbox Searching Text6.0 KiB884Shows you how to easily search a combobox or listbox control for a specified text. Can do searching by the starting text or exact text.
Communicate Between Different Forms9.7 KiB830A basic example of how to communicate with another form in the same project. This example includes: changing the text of the textbox control, clicking the button, and loading a picture in the picturebox of the other form in VB .NET 1.0/1.1.
Context/Popup Menu's in .NET5.6 KiB766An example of how to do Context Menu's in VB.Net. Which is similar to the VB6 style PopUp menu's.
Convert Unix Time to a Regular Structured Windows Time7.0 KiB598An example how to convert a Unix time value to a basic Windows or a regular time value. IT shows the converted Unix time as UTC and Local based Time according to a time zone. This example displays the Computers current Timezone as well as the Timezone offset compared to the UTC (Universal Time Coordinate or Coordinated Universal Time) Time.
CPU Processor Load Usage6.3 KiB685A basic example of easily retrieving the value for the cpu's usage compared to being idle. Displays the exact usage value or the integer portion with no decimals. Uses Windows Performance Counters which you can adjust for multi-core processors.
CPU RDTSC and Calculate Processor ClockSpeed as Mhz in Realtime26.1 KiB669This is an example to get the processors actual rdtsc value in realtime. It also uses this value to calculate the clockspeed of the processor in realtime too. IT uses a standard static .dll I made with Managed C++ and simply gives out the time stamp counter value. It basically calculates the value difference between the beginning and end of one second for the cpu clock speed in a MHz value.
CPU Total System Usage using API7.4 KiB619Returns the total processor system usage for the computer using the GetSystemTimes() API call. If you have a multi-core/multi-processor computer it will return the total usage across all of the cpu's including hyper-threading. This example shows how to use this API call and perform various calculations to return and display the computers total processor usage value. The GetSystemTimes API was added to Windows XP - Service Pack 1, and likewise would be compatible with Vista, Windows 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, and should be with Microsoft Windows 10.
Create and Set Inputbox Input/Textbox as Password Characters7.7 KiB781A small program I made that will display an inputbox and has the inputbox display the input text as password characters. This example uses subclassing, and some windows APIs like Findwindow, GetWindow, and SendMessage.
Create/Save Images as JPEG Thumbnails6.0 KiB755An example of how to convert your images to thumbnails. It also saves the thumbnails as jpeg files.
Cropping Images with Mouse or User Input Drawn Outline95.1 KiB753Shows how to crop images using VB.NET. This example shows how to select the area of the image by using the mouse to select the coordinates and use user input to draw the outline for where to crop.
csAudioCD Library Pro23.0 KiB546An example application that highlights the features and options for the csAudioCD Class. It shows some of the Library's basic features and some of the more advanced features. The compiled class .dll is included.
csAutoComplete Class Example10.4 KiB565A simple example for .NET 2002/2003 that shows how to use the csAutoCompleteClass Library to give 'Auto Complete' support to your CombBox and TextBox controls.
csAutorun Maker Program15.0 KiB538This is the source code to the csAutorun Maker program which allows you to select the execute (.exe) setup file to create an .ini file that's contains the path and icon for the CDRom auto run feature.
csCompactMusic Library with Application v2.1103.9 KiB550This is a basic application to show how to use the csCompactMusic Library Class. This is a very small program with the basic play, pause, stop, and playlist features. It can play many audio/music formats like mp3, wma, wave, midi, and so on. The compiled Class .DLL is included.
csCPUFeatures Library11.6 KiB456Shows how to use the csCPUFeatures Class Library to get various features that the target computer supports like 3DNow! instructions, as well as SSE, SSE2, RDTSC, and more. The library uses the IsProcessorFeaturePresent API to get this information.
csCPUInfo Basic59.5 KiB540This is an app that shows how to use my csCPUInfoBasic.DLL C++ library. The example will return the CPU Vendor, CPU Model, CPU Stepping, Clockspeed, and more. If you only want the .dll control itself you can download it under the VB.NET - Controls page.
csMovie Library Pro Example11.1 KiB573A brief example to show how to use the csMovieLibrary Class. Apart from the normal play, stop, and pause. It shows you how to get various s playback sttats and information. The library source can be downloaded from the controls section. It can play most of the popular movie or video formats like mp4 (mpeg4), mpeg2, .avi, .mpg, .mov Apple QuickTime, .wmv, and more.
csMusicLibrary Professional24.2 KiB744Shows how to use the csMusicLibrary class. This example should give you a jump for a full-featured music app to play mp3's, waves, wma, and more. Includes many playback features with playback position and various status information. The compiled class is included.
csMusicLibrary v3.1 Professional Edition with Example49.0 KiB984A simple example made with VB 2005 that shows how to use csMusicLibrary v3.1 and highlights some of the features. Some features are audio Playback, Recording, Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, and more. It will playback most of the popular audio or music formats available. The library has more features than what this example shows.
csSoundPlayer App6.5 KiB524This is using my csSoundPlayer Library to play wave sound files (*.wav). The library uses no 3rd party controls. The actual class is a wrapper around the Playsound (winmm.dll) api. The project app also shows how to detect if the computer has a sound card and how many playback devices are available. Can also play the wave file in a looping mode.
csStopWatch Library App12.6 KiB518Shows how to use my csStopWatch Library. Returns the Elapsed: Minutes, Seconds, and Milli-Seconds. Checks the current timer Resolution and whether the Stop Watch is running, reset and more.
csWebBrowser Control using the 'COM' Active X28.3 KiB535An example that shows how to use the IE (Internet Explorer) 'Com' based ActiveX Webbrowser control in your .NET applications. This is a fully working Webbrowser that includes 'search/refresh/home/ect' features. Menu items - cut/copy/paste/delete/save/save_as/page setup/print/print preview and etc.. A tool to grab the source code of the webpage and more as well.
csWindowsShutdown Library Program13.7 KiB549This project shows how to use the csWindowsShutdown Class Library control to shutdown/logoff/reboot Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1, and Windows 10 in various ways. You can force the shutdown execution or execute the shutdown process normally. The compiled class control is Included in this zip. Some options are "initiateSystemShutdown" and "cancelInitiatedShutdown" API's. A function to display the "Turn Off Computer" dialog and the option to use API or Shell to perform some of the shutdown/restart/logoff commands. Other features is to display the "System Settings Change" Dialog with a "Computer must restart before the setting will take place". The library has full intellisense documentation for most of the features. ". There were also some more tweaks to the library as well.
csWritingPad Wordpad Example75.4 KiB536This is the source code to my csWritingPad application. Has many features based around the .NET RichTextBox control to create an advanced Word Processor like Microsoft WordPad. The Richtextbox control is almost used to its limit. It has your normal Cut/Copy/Paste, Set Font/Size/Color to the entire document or the selected text only. Shows a trick of how to add images. Has capabilitys to print your documents and multi-level Undo and Redo features. It also has advanced 'Search and Replace' features and much more.
Detecting/Getting the Users Last or Latest Activity6.8 KiB598This is an example of using the GetLastInputInfo API call that returns the current Tickcount value of when the user was last active interacting with the computer. Thus the user is possibly sitting idle, reading the computer screen, or away from the computer, ect.. This uses the retrieved tickcount value and if the value has changed since the last check, it will display the actual Time of Day the user did something. This API mainly checks for Mouse, Keyboard, or Touchscreen activity. There is a VB 6.0 version of this as well.
Dialog Objects - Openfile and Savefile Dialogs5.2 KiB571This shows the basics of using the FileSaveDialog and SaveFileDialog objects to display the open/save dialogs messages for files.
Directory and File Information7.0 KiB599Uses the DirectoryInfo and the FileInfo class to get alot of various information for the selected directory or file.
DirectX - DirectSound 9.0 for .Wav Playback7.8 KiB429Shows some of the basics for using DirectX 9.0 with the DirectSound class to play media wave files. Note that Microsoft no longer supports DX9 .NET
Play Two or more Audio Files Simultaneously 16.7 KiB2003This shows how to use MCI via the MCISendString Function to playback and control multiple files at the same time in .NET. It shows how to independently change the volume as well.
PlayBack Media Files Program Features16.9 KiB478This is an example I made that shows how to add 3x different play features to your applications. Continuous Play, Repeat Play, and Random Play features. Uses my csMusicLibrary for the playback of the music.

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