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Free VB and Visual Basic.NET icons for your programs and applications!

Icons or Images can really enhance your Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic.NET applications. Unfortunately a lot of the Icons you find either cost money and/or will not allow you to use them in a commercial application. So that is where this little post comes in. I have sources below that’s either free for all uses or free for non-commercial.  I will continue to add sources as they are found. Leave a comment if you have another good source to add here.

Note: While VB 6.0 and VB.NET may come with icons, you may want something a little newer or more unique. That’s why I made this post.

Starting below are sources for free VB 6.0 Icons and Visual Basic .NET icons

Added 07-23-2012

Icon Search Engine This site has a very nice collection of icons for you to search. I found many icons in many different formats like tiff, and png. Even Transparent icons as well. Very simple to download without a ton of add or restrictions. Very few ads you have to wade through before you get to what your looking for!

Added 08-27-2010

Icon Archive  There are quite a few Icons available at this site. It has a huge mixture of Completely Free-Royalty Free icons, Free for Non-Commercial, and Pay Icons. The site is organized pretty well and is easy to get the icon you want. Just remember to look at the license to decide if the license will fulfill your needs or not. Be sure to check out the rest of this page. Enjoy!

Added 06-12-10

FREE Stock Icons This site has a huge list of icons that are not only Free but is also Royalty Free (RF, Basically means you don’t have to pay them anything if they are used in a money making application or whatever.). The free versions has possible limited image sizes and file formats. All of the free images are at least jpeg which is a perfectly fine format for most people. You can easily convert them to .ico if you want. If you want many different sizes and multiple image formats you can Sign-Up for a account for a certain fee depending on what kind of access you want. Still the 100% free icon images were good quality and had a few different sizes and came in jpeg and .png formats. Most sizes has a Watermark but the 48×48 has no Watermark and is fully compatible and free for your applications. The ones I downloaded at least…


FamFam Mini Icons These are about 144 various icons that you can use for ANY purpose. Completely royalty FREE and are actually good quality as well.


FamFam Flag Icons This link has alot of various Flag based icons and images. These are completely Royalty FREE and you can use them in ANY type of application, whether its free, shareware or even commercial.

FamFam Silk Icons These are probably some of the Best Icons you can get that are Completely FREE with absolutely NO limitations and Royalty Free as well. He has available more than 700 16×16 Icons in the download. High Quality as well.

Note: If you find these FamFamFam based icons useful, you may want to support him in his work. It would be good to give any amount, especially since he lets you do whatever you want with his icons. He has a link to donate on most of the download pages.

Farsight Icon Pack by deviantART I can no longer find that pack. You can still check out the link I have below for Deviant Art.

There are alot of other various free VB icons and images at deviantART as well. Click here for the main page…

I will add more Icon or Image sources when I continue to find more. I do hope you found some icons you can use. Have fun!


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