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“How Do I” Videos for Visual Studio 2010 and Release Candidate Available

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The RC1 download is Obsolete. Others seems to work still.

As expected Microsoft is already starting to release some new videos related to VB 2010 and will continue to add new video’s/codes to highlight new features in the new IDE/Framework. Also, Release Candidate1 of Visual Studio 2010 has been released. Check out this link if you want to check out RC1.

Below are some highlights from the Microsoft HowDoI post…

If you haven’t seen these yet, various members of the languages team have released some How Do I videos on Visual Studio 2010 including new language features in Visual Basic 10 and C# 4.

  1. How Do I: Use Autoimplemented Properties in Visual Basic?
  2. How Do I: Use Implicit Line Continuation in Visual Basic 10?
  3. How Do I: Use Highlight References in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  4. How Do I: Use Code Snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE?
  5. How Do I: Use Generate from Usage in Visual Studio 2010?
  6. How Do I: Enhance Performance in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE when Editing VB Code?
  7. How Do I: Step with The Debugger in Visual Studio 2010?
  8. How Do I: Use Named and Optional Parameters in C# 4.0?
  9. How Do I: Use COM Interop and Office in C# 4.0?

Also make sure to check out the VS 2010 code samples and walkthroughs.


If you want to check them out, goto this link to the main post page. Take care! 🙂


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