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Updated: USB using Visual Basic.NET and VB 6.0

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The purpose of this post is simply to give some info to help with usb programming like detecting when a usb device has been added/removed, which the .NET based class helps with, ect…

Visual Basic 6.0

The first library is for Visual Basic 6.0 and is provided by Intel (Intel is the main inventer of USB as well) and includes various bas/modules for use in your applications. BTW, these  VB 6.0 USB modules do more than the below .NET library.

Click here for the Main Intel page with the downloads and tutorial…

Edit: The Intel link above is no longer valid. I have not been able to find where it was moved to or if its completely taken away. I still have the VB Bas files that are needed to do the USB programming.

Click here to download the modules.

Visual Basic.NET Compatible Class Library

Strolling through some of the latest updates at thecodeproject.com I noticed someone made a USB library using C# for detecing the attachment and detachment events of usb devices. He provides the source code, compiled class, and a demo app with the usb library in action. If you simply want to reference the class download the source code version. Then under the Bin/Release directory you will see the ‘USBClassLibrary.Dll’ which is what you want to reference.

Click here for the main USB Library page…

Hopefully this post was of some help. Have Fun!