Visual Studio Community 2013 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Update Edit: Dec 12th 2014: Just wanted to mention that Microsoft has recently released a video about the Community Edition of Visual Studio 2013. You can watch the video by clicking here.

Microsoft has announced two new releases or additions to their Visual Studio.NET platform. A preview version of Visual Studio 2015, and a new ‘Community Edition’ of VS 2013 ready for downloading. I am personally interested in the 2013 Community version of VB. I usually use the Express Edition of Visual Basic 2010 for most things and would like a couple features not available with VB 2010 Express.

So, is Visual Studio Community 2013 just mildly enhanced Express Editions? Nope, not at all. In fact, you can think of it as Visual Studio 2013 Professional Edition according to Microsoft. A huge part of Pro over Express that I desired was the support for Add-ins/Extensions. There are literally thousands of extensions available including many being completely Free. You can check out the extensions by clicking here

For the Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition page and download you can click here. The information below is from Microsoft on the VS Community Edition page.

Visual Studio Community 2013

A Full-Featured IDE – FREE
Start coding the app of your dreams for Windows, Android, and iOS.


Designers, editors, debuggers, profilers – all packaged up in a single environment.


Extensive web tooling for ASP.NET, Node.js, and JavaScript


Code in C++, Python, HTML5, JavaScript, and of course C#, VB, and F#.


Extensive web tooling for ASP.NET, Node.js, and JavaScript


Tools for Apache Cordova and Unity to reach even more platforms.

For more info check out the Visual Studio 2013  Community Edition with .NET Framework Update four here.

You can check out Visual Studio 2015 Preview edition at this link.

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